Convenient, affordable storage options for your vessel when it’s not out rolling on the river or cruising on the lake.

Save on Expensive Marina Storage

If you dry-dock your boat on a trailer, storing it with us can be less expensive than keeping it at the marina.

Clear Out Your Driveway

Even a small boat and trailer can turn your driveway into an obstacle course. If you want free and clear access to your garage, try keeping your boat or jet ski with us instead.

Make Your Homeowners Association Happy

If your HOA is like most, keeping a boat in your driveway or yard is probably against the rules. Don’t worry, you don’t have to move to keep your boat. Just store it with us!

Get Your Boat Whenever You Want

With 24 hours access you don’t have to schedule a time to meet someone at the facility to access your boat. You just drive in, hitch it up and go.

Jet Skis and Small Watercraft

With our ground-level storage units, you can back your trailer in, un-hitch and lock up. Your vessel will be out of the elements and ready for the water whenever you need it.

Paddleboards and Sailboards

Storing boards can eat up space, especially if you have an entire family out catching the wind. With a ground-level storage unit, you can pull up to your space, drop your boards off and head home. When you’re ready to ride, just stop by and pick them up again.

Tips for storing boats and jet skis

  • Wash your boat before you store it!

    River can corrode propellers, shafts, paint and plastic. Even if your craft never sees the river, you should still wash it thoroughly before you store it.
  • Winterize your outboard engine

    Outboards use the water in your boat to cool themselves. If you don’t remove the outboard for the winter, it can freeze and crack the engine. Flush the engine with boat-specific, nontoxic antifreeze so it’s ready to run next spring.
  • Store outboard engines straight down

    Store your engine in the down position, the way it is when in the water, so that moisture can drain. Never store an outboard with the gearbox higher than the engine. Water can work its way into the cylinders and do major damage.
  • Get a boat or jet ski cover

    A well-fitted cover is important, especially if you’ll be storing your boat or jet ski outside, because it’ll protect against water, dirt and — most important — sun damage.
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