Medical Supply and Pharmaceutical companies are turning more and more to self storage facilities as home base for many of their remote sales representatives. Zandermen Storage offers many amenities to help you safely store and access medical supplies, inventory, and equipment.

Storage Amenities

When storing pharmaceutical samples, supplies, and other inventory for your medical sales business, it’s a good idea to look for storage facilities with amenities that can preserve and protect your items.

Secure Storage

Business customers know we value security. Our Clarinda Iowa indoor storage facilities utilize security features keypad entry and video surveillance cameras. When you rent with Zandermen Storage, you can rest assured your supplies are protected.

Climate Control

Renting a climate-controlled storage unit can protect your pharmaceutical products, medical devices, and other inventory from extreme heat and cold throughout the year. This helpful amenity ensures your unit stays comfortably between 55 and 80 degrees year-round to prevent damage to items kept in self storage. We highly recommend this feature for medical and pharmaceutical storage needs.

Indoor Storage Units

Along with climate control, we suggest indoor storage units rather than drive-up access units for storing medical and pharmaceutical products. Not only does indoor self storage present an additional layer of security for your commercial supply, but it also provides more protection from the elements since it’s inside a storage building. Indoor units can be as small as a locker or as large as a small warehouse, at Zandermen Storage we have solutions available for your medical supply storage needs!

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